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About Us

Our Vision

The Health Action Network is made up of consumers, health care providers, businesses, and many others who want quality, affordable health care now… and for future generations. We are working together to demand that health care reform ensures:

  • Quality Care—America has the best health care providers, institutions, and researchers—and we must maintain this level of excellence.
  • A Strong Economy – Businesses should have the resources to hire workers and help the economy grow.
  • Choice—We all have different needs. We must allow the marketplace to continue offering a choice of health plan options.
  • Access and Affordability—Every American should be able to access quality health care.

It’s critical that Americans stay engaged in discussions about the future of our nation’s health care. The Health Action Network helps lead this citizen discussion.  

What’s Next for Health Care?

In 2009 and 2010, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) passed Congress by the slimmest of margins. Even as many states and government agencies move forward to implement PPACA, this controversial health care reform plan faces court challenges. It also remains uncertain if the plan can be implemented, how much it will cost, and how it will impact health care and patient choice.

The Role of our Network

The Health Action Network is staying engaged and demanding a voice in the discussion. The real changes are still in the future—when ideas are put into action. Our Network is here to help shape that future. 

Who We Are

The Health Action Network includes everyday Americans—families, workers, businesses, patients, providers, neighbors, and friends. We are working together because we believe better health care solutions are possible. We support market-based solutions that offer better health care choices and help build a stronger economy. The Health Action Network is an Anthem, Inc., initiative.