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Become a Network Champion

Are You Ready to Lead the Fight in Your Communities?

The Health Action Network needs champions from around the country—people who have…

  • A Personal Stake—Everyone needs health care, but everyone’s health care needs are different. Do you struggle with a chronic illness or care for aging parents? Do you own a small business trying to provide the best health care possible while still creating jobs and providing a secure future for your employees? Do you provide health care and see the real impact on the lives of real people? Do you have a story to tell about why market-based health care solutions matter to you?
  • Commitment—The debate about health care reform has lasted many years—and will continue throughout this decade. Can you stay committed to the cause over the long term?
  • Courage and Confidence—Health Action Network Champions reach out to others to share views, respond to opponents, and take on leadership roles. Do you have the drive to build support in your community and help others take a strong stand in support of market-based health care and a strong economy?

If you answered yes to these questions, then you’re the person we want as a Network Champion.


Champion Activities

As a Champion, you’ll lead the discussion—online, in your community, and with elected officials and the media. You’ll have the chance to participate in a number of ways, including:

  • Leading the Discussion Online—You’ll share your views with your own social networks, on our Facebook page, and in other online forums.
  • Speaking to Your Community—At community meetings, town halls, rallies, and other events, you’ll be sharing your story and discussing critical health care reform issues.
  • Appearing in the Media—Every community needs a local citizen who can speak credibly on health care issues. You’ll share your views about health care reform in letters to the editor, on local blogs, and possibly in other forums like local radio or TV. You might even become a contributor to your city’s or other local website.
  • Engaging with Bloggers and Reporters—You’ll proactively reach out to local bloggers and community reporters who write about health care, politics, and other topics to provide them with information and share your views.
  • Meeting with Government Officials—You’ll bring your concerns about health care reform directly to government officials, speaking with them and their staff face to face to help drive the message home.


Learn More

Are you interesting in taking the next step toward being a Health Action Network Champion? We’d like to hear from you. Please email us at to let us know you’re interested. One of our Champion Coordinators will follow up with you.