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Changes in the Health Care Market

America’s health care system includes a wide range of competing health plans that provide choice and flexibility to consumers. Health care reform should not undermine the value of our market-based system.

The Cost of Health Care

Americans’ household budgets are already stretched thin, and many U.S. businesses struggle to provide employees with health care benefits. Market-based competition in health plans is essential to control costs and improve access to health care.

The Role of Government

Americans want government to support—not limit—their health care choices. As health care reform moves forward, government may choose what health care you can access—and could even limit you to a health plan it runs.

Health Care and the Economy

Health care is critical to America, but we cannot allow rising costs to drag down our economy and hurt job growth. A healthy nation needs a healthy economy. Overreaching mandates and expensive regulations will move our country in the wrong direction.

Quality, Access, and Choice

It’s a worthy goal: improve our nation’s health. But every American has different needs. Implementation of the health reform law should not hinder our ability to access the health care options we choose.