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Participate in the Discussion

Engage on Social Media

Online social networking sites—such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest—are great tools to help spread our message about the need for sensible health care reform.

Engage With Your Elected Officials

It’s critical that elected officials hear from voters on the issues that matter most. Help shape the future of American health care by communicating your views about health care reform directly to the decision-makers who represent you.

Engage With Your Local Community

We’re a nationwide network, but the discussion about health care reform happens at the local level, in our neighborhoods and communities. Neighborhood meetings, town halls, block parties, and more offer great opportunities to win attention for our message and build support.

Engage In The Elections

The most fundamental way to participate in the political process is by voting. You can also make a difference and highlight key issues for voters in your community by volunteering in the elections.