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Engage in the Elections

Always Vote!

The people we elect this year will make crucial decisions about health care reform for the next several years. The most direct way to participate in the political process is by casting your ballot in every election. For a clearinghouse of voter information, including how to register to vote and how to obtain an absentee ballot, visit the Voter Registration Portal.


Educate Yourself

Read up on your candidates for all levels of government and on ballot initiatives. States often provide voters with election guides that include statements from candidates. Other ways to educate yourself about issues and candidates include:

  • Reading Newspapers—Daily papers usually endorse local and national candidates, and explain their selections.
  • Watching Debates—In addition to presidential debates, candidates for local offices and Congress often debate as well.
  • Attending Community Meetings—Community centers, churches, and other venues sometimes host meetings to highlight and discuss election issues.
  • Visiting Key Websites—Candidates usually share their key positions on websites. Advocacy organizations like the Health Action Network also discuss issues on their websites.


Volunteer for a Campaign

Political campaigns—whether for candidates or ballot measures—welcome grassroots volunteers. You can participate in a campaign simply by placing a bumper sticker on your car or sign in your yard. Other volunteer activities include:

  • Working phone banks to promote a candidate or get out the vote.
  • Going door to door to educate neighbors about a candidate or issue.
  • Volunteering at community events or passing out flyers.
  • Helping to organize a community event.

To get involved, visit a campaign’s website and look for volunteer information. You can also contact your state or local political party to see how you can help.

Talk to Friends and Family

Forget that old adage about not discussing politics in social settings. Instead, engage in the political process by sharing your views with others—and asking others whom they support and why.

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